Work Smarter,

The Power of 5% (PO5) effectively equips leaders for
sharper focus, strategic growth, and increased leadership capacity
in their work, team, and life.

How? Invest 5% of time for a

PO5 is a dynamic leadership cohort that builds a discipline of a strategic P.A.U.S.E., investing 5 percent of your time to
Revisit your passions and



your work and life focus


how you are uniquely positioned within your current context


your capacity to lead collaboratively


to work smarter and lead stronger

See what our PO5 Alumni are saying!

"PO5 helps leaders!"

PO5 helps leaders and others really look at applying the disciplines to their leadership roles and help mentor others. It is very applicable.

K.M., Director of Strategic Alignment

"PO5 helps add meaning..."

This process can help add meaning, purpose and direction to our lives, our work, and relationships. 

K.R., Director of Philanthropy

"PO5 helps to Have a Better Life!"

Having this [PO5] mindset of separating this 5% in your day to organize and take time to process your past, present, and future work and purpose helps to have a better life. And gives you focus on what is important in that moment and should be important.

A.T., Program Director

"PO5 helps to maximize the most valuable resource: Time."

In the busy world we live in, most people don't have the opportunity to work on their life and how they structure their days, weeks, and years. PO5 allows you to audit your time and maximize the most valuable resource you have: Time. 

B.V., Marketplace Leader

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